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Sharing our innate wisdom powers our community.

We intentionally create a space for insights to emerge and work with people who want to change the world to create a workplace where every voice matters, everyone thrives & finds meaning, and change & innovation happen naturally.

With every new interview and every client interaction—our wisdom grows, our community’s wisdom grows, and we all evolve together. It makes us all better.

We connect bold & visionary entrepreneurs, executives & managers with innovative strategies, insights & services that create forward-thinking mindsets & workplaces.

We uniquely nurture an ongoing global conversation with over 100 business executives & thought leaders uncovering insights that help you create a better life & business

Global & Workplace Conversations

We host global & workplace conversations to uncover deep & often surprising insights with leaders and employees at all levels.

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Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™

Global conversations & insights are published online, in social media, and in the book Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™.

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Creating the Forward-Thinking Workplace

We share & cultivate what we learn from our collective insights at our website, social media, workshops & consulting engagements.

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Recent Interviews

Mark Crowley, Author of Best Selling "Lead from the Heart"

Lead from the Heart Webinar with Mark Crowley

Dr. Helena Lass, Awareness Teacher, Psychiatrist & Founder

Who is leading our lives?

Robert Fuchs, Design Learning, Research & Strategy

What if corporate culture is perfect, and I'm not?

Tom Thomison, Founder & Partner at & Partner at HolacracyOne

How Do We Start & Make It Real?

What Others Are Saying

Masa K. Mada, CEO Valueinnova, LLC

Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is a hub of executive level insight & experience that saves time & effort to the busy professional who really cares about improving its organization from the business & human perspectives.

Tom Cagley, VP at DCG Software Value

Bill is a masterful interviewer who evoked insights that surprised me.

Paul E. McMahon, Principal at PEM Systems

I think the concept of forward-thinking workplaces is a great idea. It has allowed me to take my own thinking on how to best help my clients to the next level.

Dennis Wittrock, partner at

Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ provides a 10,000-foot view about what is going on in the world of work and is a great source for business inspiration.

Gwen Kinsey, Transformational Leaders @cangethere

Stepping into the future looks a lot like this... I applaud the direction you are taking with this initiative, Bill Fox.


Leading you to BE in a new way is our superpower

We believe in the powerful impact that intention, human connection, and listening without knowing has on both the speaker and the listener.

The person speaking feels free to express their innate knowing—listeners truly listen and open themselves up to learn something new.

When we come together in this way, we discover our shared wisdom and co-create something new that works for everyone.