Too many change initiatives don't last or work only to be replaced by the next fad

Here you'll find forward-thinking conversations, insights & tools to create more workable & lasting solutions today while creating a more prosperous future tomorrow.

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"Everyone, it seems, is talking about change and the need to change. But somehow we keep repeating a familiar pattern. It’s like going to the edge of a 50-foot cliff and jumping when all you’ve witnessed are others ahead of you jumping away. As a result, you don’t see what they did before they jumped, what the landing area looks like, or what happened when they landed!"
"Over my career I have witnessed so many workplace improvement and change initiatives that didn't work out or last. Doing what everyone else is doing often doesn't solve the real problem, is resisted by too many (often for good reasons), and rarely survives a change in company management or an unforeseen event. There is so much time, money, passion and good will flushed down the toilet. I decided to do something about it. Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is my search for better answers, better questions, wisdom and truth."

We connect bold & visionary entrepreneurs, executives & managers with innovative strategies, insights & services that create forward-thinking mindsets & workplaces.

We uniquely nurture an ongoing global conversation with over 100 business executives & thought leaders uncovering insights that help you create a better life & business.

Global & Workplace Conversations

We host global & workplace conversations to uncover deep & often surprising insights with leaders and employees at all levels.

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Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™

Global conversations & insights are published online, in social media, and in the book Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™.

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Creating the Forward-Thinking Workplace

We share & cultivate what we learn from our collective insights at our website, social media, workshops & consulting engagements.

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Forward-Thinking YOU

We conduct workshops, presentations and speaking engagements on how to develop a more forward-thinking mindset to increase Forward-Thinking Intelligence™.  Discover new ways of thinking, being & leading yourself that help you be more authentic, aware, collaborative, and co-creative. Contact us to access an online Forward-Thinking Intelligence™ self-awareness assessment tool and a copy of the Forward-Thinking Intelligence™ Program Blueprint, which outlines the 13 core components of Forward-Thinking Intelligence.

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Forward-Thinking Workplace

We've innovatively co-created a rich knowledge base of unique insights from conversations and interivews with over 100 top leaders and executives from around the world. This work occurred initially at 5 Minutes to Process Improvements Success and evolved into what is now Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™. We conduct workshops, presentations and speaking engagements that reveal the most important and relevant themes while engaging you in conversations that create more workable solutions to help you thrive in today's whitewater's world. Contact us to get a copy of the Forward-Thinking Workplace Program Blueprint, which outlines the 13 core components.

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Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ Conversation Canvas

We have the power to choose the kind of world and workplace we want to live and work in. The Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ Conversation Canvas is a vehicle that helps you tap into the hidden potential and possibilities of your team or organization. It creates a field that gives you the power to create from a perspective of all perspectives—and to talk and think from possibility rather than problems, constraints and the status quo.

The Conversation Canvas encapsulates what we know about how to create a platform where everyone becomes engaged in listening to each other and contributing their unique perspective that is now unknown. You begin to leverage and harness your collective intelligence more fully for the greater success of everyone. 

What Leaders Are Saying...

”Your questions are more important than our answers! Why? Because every leader ought to be asking him/herself those questions and implementing the forward-thinking insights that will will create meaningful purpose, and superior performance.” ~John Bell, Past CEO Jacobs Suchard


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Leading you to BE in a new way is our superpower

We believe in the powerful impact that intention, human connection, and listening without knowing has on both the speaker and the listener.

The person speaking feels free to express their innate knowing—listeners truly listen and open themselves up to learn something new.

When we come together in this way, we discover our shared wisdom and co-create something new that works for everyone.