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People are looking for new ways to transform the workplace that honors people. We need new approaches to solve the engagement problem, lack of leadership, and resistance to change that plagues too many workplaces.

What we offer are our own stories of how searching for a better way led us on a journey to change from the inside out and be the change. Along the way, we uncovered the deeper wisdom from over 100 leaders, executives, and top practitioners. And maybe most significantly, we learned how to bring people together to work in new ways to discover their shared wisdom.

Join us each week for a conversation where you can freely ask questions and share what you know in an interactive webinar we’re calling Incubator CONTAINER13.

Bill Fox, Co-founder at Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ & CONTAINER13

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All webinars are held on Tuesday at 10am ET US / 7am PT US / 3pm GMT / 5pm EEST Europe

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CONTAINER13 & Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is a hub of executive level insight & experience that saves time & effort to the busy professional who really cares about improving its organization from the business & human perspectives. ~Masa K Maeda, CEO Valueinnova, LLC


Stepping into the future looks a lot like this... I applaud the direction you are taking with this initiative. ~Gwen Kinsey, Transformational Leader & Past Broadcast Industry CEO