Mark C. Crowley spent over 25 years in the dog-eat-dog world of financial services, an environment known for its heartlessness and “take no prisoners” attitude.

Twice, he held national-level responsibilities – most recently as Senior Vice President-National Manager for Investment Product Sales at one of America’s largest financial institutions, where he was named “Leader of the Year.”


Title: Live Interactive Interview with Mark Crowley, Author of Best Seller Lead from the Heart

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Time: 10 am PT (Los Angeles) / 1pm ET (New York) / 8pm EET (Tallinn)

Duration: 60 minutes

What Mark ultimately discovered is that his chosen management style was highly uncommon, yet extraordinarily productive.

His teams repeatedly excelled. When asked what he was doing differently, Mark replied, “It’s the same disciplined approach others have with numbers and production…but mine is with people.


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