Why Most Companies Stumble with Processes

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Here’s what you will learn in this interview with Chris Paris: The biggest process stumbling block that sets companies off in the wrong direction measuring the wrong things How to identify your processes properly to get a return on your investment How to step back from complicated consultant-speak and recognize it’s just measuring what you’re … Read More

13 Forward-Thinking Questions We Should Be Asking Ourselves

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    What is the most important question to ask yourself? In this free resource, we’ve included 13 great questions to ask ourselves taken from our interviews with global leaders and executives. Asking new and better questions in a forward-thinking conversation can reveal the true nature of the challenges we face and uncover breathtaking new … Read More

What you’re missing in a day (and head) filled with schedules, milestones & meetings

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People are unhappy. People are totally disconnected with the brain and the body. So many people live in their heads. They don’t live with their emotions. So something must be deeply wrong. ~Marina Abramovic What about you?  Are you connecting within — and with each other? Or is your day — and head — filled … Read More

Creating a Forward-Thinking Workplace Culture

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The Cutter Business Technology Journal recently issued a call for papers on Change Leadership in a Digital Era, and we were fortunate to have our proposal accepted. It’s exciting for us to have an opportunity to share our work with a much broader audience. We invite and welcome any feedback or comments that you may have. To your … Read More

Webinar: The 13 Most Important Questions Forward-Thinking Leaders & Managers Should Be Asking Employees

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On Tuesday, October 24, we’re revealing the 13 most important questions for leaders and managers to ask employees taken from our 53+ interviews with forward-thinking executives and thought leaders over the past year. Today’s times call for new questions. It’s time to move beyond questions that everyone thinks we’re supposed to be asking to questions … Read More

The Most Important But Least Recognized Variable in Business

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The most important variable—and the least recognized variable regarding importance in a business setting—is the state of mind of people within the workplace. It’s critical. It’s the biggest determinant of how productive people are, how well they listen, how well they communicate, the quality of the decisions they make, the ease with which a group … Read More

How can I be more on to what’s now?

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How can I be more on to what’s now? Today’s Monday Morning Question was inspired by our interview with Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent. In response to our question “What is the most important question management should be asking employees?”, Valeria responded in part that “Leaders often time shift themselves. They’re on to what’s next and … Read More