Seeking better answers, better questions, wisdom & insight

August 12, 2017By Bill Foxinsights, questions, wisdom No Comments

Seeking better answers — what lies ahead is unknown. In a recent conversation with Dr. John Toussaint, CEO at Catalysis, I was most intrigued with his story and how it led him to now head an organization that’s leading a lean healthcare revolution around the world. Dr. Toussaint began his career as a practicing medical … Read More

Is this you?

April 11, 2017By Bill Foxinsights, mindset No Comments

Bill Fox Is this you?   “When I walk around the corporations I work with, what strikes me is how busy people’s minds are. It is very difficult to get people’s full attention.” ~Sandra Krot When I reflect on my past work of leading software development projects and corporate transformations, this quote teleports me right … Read More

How Important is Mindset?

April 6, 2017By Bill Foxmindset No Comments

  According to Dr. Dicken Bettinger: “The most important variable—and the least recognized variable regarding importance in a business setting—is the state of mind of people within the workplace.” Do you agree? A year ago I’m not so sure I would have agreed, but today I feel confident it’s one of the most important. It’s … Read More