Forward-thinking new ideas, insights, questions, and wisdom that help leaders and employees bridge the gap and realize breathtaking new possibilities


What You Get with this Book

This book is a complete compilation of 45 of the Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplace interviews. As this is an ongoing conversation, you will be provided with an opportunity (at no additional cost) to get the latest updates. In addition, you will be eligible to attend a six month webinar series that explores each of the questions at no additional cost. 

Help Support Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces

Every purchase helps us continue to do this work and make it a sustainable project. We’ve invested over 1,200 hours of our own time and tens of thousands of dollars researching, interviewing, editing, publishing and promoting over 55 interviews.

Free Lifetime Updates

  • You’ll get a link to the latest version emailed to you at least quarterly, which includes the latest interviews and overall edits and updates.
  • Online access to all the interviews, Insight13 presentations and other premium content (beginning Feb 2018).
  • Essentially a lifetime subscription to the best ideas on the forward-thinking workplace — stay on the cutting-edge of what’s emerging in the workplace.


A 295-page PDF featuring 45 forward-thinking conversations with top executives and leaders. Note: This product is expanded and improved continuously (and consequently the price), so this is the lowest price we will ever offer.

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