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The 2020 Forward Thinking Success Series by Bill Fox - Book 1 of 6

What is the most important question to ask ourselves?

Ten years ago, after witnessing yet another workplace improvement initiative that didn't change anything of significance or last, I started asking, "How can we change this?"

That simple question led me to ask more questions, interview dozens of top leaders, work on exciting projects, and write several books.

That's why when I started the Exploring Forward Thinking Workplaces interview series, one of the six core questions I ask is, "What is the most important question to ask ourselves?"

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I've now asked 75+ top leaders, "What is the most important question to ask ourselves?" This book is an abridged collection of the 35 most intriguing and compelling responses.

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    Bill Fox’s work is some of the best thinking of our time. He makes big thinkers accessible. ⏤ Tony Heath, Lean Leader

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