Why do we keep implementing change like this?

Everyone, it seems, is talking about change and the need to change. But somehow we keep repeating a familiar pattern.

It’s like going to the edge of a 50-foot cliff and jumping when all you’ve witnessed are others ahead of you jumping away.

As a result, you don’t see what they did before they jumped, what the landing area looks like, or what happened when they landed!

Are we focused on the right things when implementing change?

Over my career I have witnessed so many workplace improvement and change initiatives that didn't work out or last. You probably have too.

Doing what everyone else is doing often doesn't solve the real problem, is resisted by too many (often for good reasons), and rarely survives a change in company management or an unforeseen event.

There is so much time, money, passion and good will flushed down the toilet.

When a corporate transformation project I was managing back in 2009 was dismantled by a change in company management, it was then that I decided to try to do something about it.

My first adventure was an interview series called 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success where I interviewed top thought leaders and practitioners. But after interviewing 50 people, I discovered that success was rarely about process.

Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is a search for better answers, better questions, wisdom and truth.Click To Tweet

So I decided to leverage what I had learned, which resulted in a new interview series with new questions. Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is a search for better answers, better questions, wisdom and truth.

In the end, I believe we need to be more about unleashing the creativity, intellect, and passion of everyone in our organizations. A group of unleashed people will outperform any group of experts or collection of best practices.

We're uncovering insightful new answers and questions here. I hope you will tune in and join us.

To your great work life & success!

Bill Fox, Co-founder

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