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In a recent conversation with Dr. John Toussaint, CEO at Catalysis, I was most intrigued with his story and how it led him to now head an organization that’s leading a lean healthcare revolution around the world.

Dr. Toussaint began his career as a practicing medical doctor. But a deep desire to change what he viewed as a dysfunctional system that wasn't serving him, his patients and his co-workers as well as he knew it could led him on a journey to become CEO of a major healthcare system in the United States.

And once he became the CEO, he started visiting lean manufacturing plants in a search for better answers.

Of course, he found better answers and used what he discovered to transform his own organization.

With that background, he now has some fascinating and powerful insights to share with us and healthcare systems around the world.

Please take a few minutes to check out our interview and the 13 Forward-Thinking Insights presentation with Dr. John Toussaint: Insights from Leading a Lean Healthcare Revolution.

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